Recent Calls
Thu. Apr 15th 2021
136 Engine and 136 Truck responded to the trailer court on Schwabe Street for a report of an explosion upon arrival it was un founded and all units returned to service.
Wed. Apr 14th 2021
136 Engine responded to an automatic fire alarm at the Freeland Elderly Apartments in the 200 block of Centre Street. Upon arrival it was determined to be a cooking incident and no fire.
Tue. Apr 13th 2021
136 Rescue responded to St. John's Road in Butler Twp to a reported structure fire.
Tue. Apr 13th 2021
136 Engine responded to the Freeland Elderly Apartments in the 500 block of Centre Street to assist EMS with a lift assist.
Sat. Apr 10th 2021
136 Station was dispatched for a possible structure fire in the area of Carbon and Adams Street. Upon arrival it was determined to be an open burn in Foster Twp and Foster Twp Fire Department were no...
News Headlines
Thu. Jan 21st 2021
Below is a link to the Freeland Fire Department 2020 video. Special Thanks to James Darvel for putting the video together.
Sun. Dec 27th 2020
Recently FFD held its Annual Meeting to elect officers for the 2021 term. This is the fifth year where FFD officers had to meet minimum requirements to hold their post and Firefighter 1 Pro Board Cer...
Sun. Dec 27th 2020
These are some photos we recently received from a Freeland resident.
Thu. Dec 24th 2020
Merry Christmas from all the members of the Freeland Fire Department and their families.
Sun. Dec 20th 2020
URGENT NEWS FROM THE NORTH POLE!!!!The Freeland Fire Department just got news from our inside person at the North Pole that Santa Claus is coming to town today and has asked the Fire Department to esc...
FFD Memorial



“I have no ambition in this world but one, and that is to be a firefighter The position may, in the eyes of some, appear to be a lowly one; but we who know the work which the firefighter has to do believe that his is a noble calling."  -Edward F. Croker, Chief of Department, F.D.N.Y. 1899-1911


We remember our members that made the Freeland Fire Department what it is today.


You will never be forgotten and we pay tribute to the members that came before us.


Rocco Amentler                                                          

Michael Balon

Stanley Balon                                                                 

Ralph Barrett

Clarence Bechtloff                                                            

Russell Bechtloff

Nicolas Bellezza                                                               

Nicolas Billman

Robert Bittner    

Daniel P. Bobby                                                              

George Bobby Sr.

Francis Boyle Sr.                                                              

Mark Briggs                                                      

John (Jack) Brogan

Neal Carey                                                                       

George Chura

James Deitos

Victor Deitos                                                                   

Paul Digon

John Dowey                                                         

Dean Drumn

Emil Evancho                                                                 

Joseph  Fedororshak

Edward Feist                                                                    

Carmen Ferdinand

John Ferry                                                                       

Joseph Ferry                     

Joseph Fifick   

Bernard Gallagher                                                                

Francis X. Gallagher

James M. Gallagher                                                          

John E. Gallagher

John R. Gallagher                                                            

Peter Gallagher

Frank Gallucci                                                                 

Joseph Gresh

Anthony Gorski                                                               

Edward G. Herbner

John Herkalo                                                                  

Paul Herkalo

Calvin Herring                                                                  

Nicolas Holland

Michael Karboski Jr.                                                                    

Michael Karnatski

William Karpovich  

Paul C. Kempchinsky                                                                      

Joseph Klechko

Nicholas Kollar                                                                                               

John Kostick

Thomas Landers  

Joseph Laporte

Jack Lazarsky                                                          

Joseph Lesser

Eileen Lindsey

Louis Lindsey

Anthony Lynn                                                                  

James Lutz

John F. Lutz                                                                 

Gerald J. Malloy

Hugh Malloy

Francis Marencin

Joseph Mattavi

Peter Mattavi

Peter Masley

Eugene McGarey

John McGarey

Charles McHugh

Adam Mensinger

Rev. Gary Mensinger

Robert Mensinger

Michael Mistiszyn

Eugene Mohan

Cashimer Murmello

Carl Pecora

Edward Poltrock

Al Potoski

Joseph Rish

Charles Reczowski

Joseph Sabol Sr.

Joseph Sabol Jr.

William Seitzinger

Mark Sosar

Joseph Stepansky Sr.

Joseph Stepansky Jr.

Donald Steward

Andrew Stofan

John Sweeney

Charles Thomas Jr. 

Michael (Mickey) Ustynoski Jr.

Robert L. Whitehead

John J. Wilson

William Wise

Fred Zahn

Peter Zarosky

Robert Zimmerman

John Zurko